Grand Forks Herald: Julie Fedorchak says North Dakota’s U.S. House Representative needs to be a leader

May 5, 2024

GRAND FORKS — North Dakota doesn’t need a representative that contributes to the drama in the U.S. House of Representatives, says Public Service Commissioner and U.S. House candidate Julie Fedorchak.

“I think what people are hungry for is leadership, and they crave strong leadership in state and in Washington,” Fedorchak said. “I don’t tolerate drama and gamesmanship; there’s too much of that in Washington, D.C., and the last thing North Dakota should do is send another person to Washington who’s going to fuel and contribute to that drama.”

Fedorchak is one of five candidates running for the Republican nomination for the state’s sole seat in the U.S. House. She currently serves on the state’s Public Service Commission, which oversees the state’s utilities, railroads and pipelines. Of the candidates in the Republican primary, she is the candidate who most recently won a statewide office, winning a third term to the Public Service Commission in 2022.

“I feel like I stand out as the lead candidate who has a consistent and long record of serving North Dakotans both in business and in public service and delivering conservative results,” Fedorchak said. “Through my service on the Public Service Commission, I have been a leader in ensuring that we have the infrastructure needed to support the industry that creates 60,000 jobs for North Dakota citizens and contributes more than half of the revenues of the state budget.”

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