“Our way of life is in jeopardy, and we can’t afford to keep pushing our challenges to another day. We need problem solvers in Washington who can deliver results not rhetoric.”

– Julie Fedorchak

About Julie

Julie is a conservative, a problem solver, and a leader who will bring a commonsense approach to Washington, D.C. She is running for Congress to get our economy and our country back on track. She is a proven leader in the energy sector and committed to supporting North Dakota farmers, ranchers, and small businesses.

We need problem solvers in Washington

Julie Fedorchak is the champion we need to be North Dakota’s voice in Congress. Julie’s vision for her role in Congress is clear:

Secure our Border

Unleash America’s Energy and Agriculture Industries

Curb Inflation That Is Crushing Families

Stop out of Control Spending and Balance the Budget

Rein in Overreaching Federal Agencies

Protect the sanctity of life

Defend the 2nd Amendment

 Fresh Energy for North Dakota

As a Public Service Commissioner for the past twelve years, Julie has been on the front lines of North Dakota’s energy boom. She has a track record of fighting for North Dakotans and delivering government that is responsive to the needs of our state. Julie’s results include:

Standing up to the Obama Administration Over the Dakota Access Pipeline

Fighting Against Over-Regulation of the Coal Industry From the Biden Administration

Saving North Dakotans Millions in Utility Rates

Streamlining the Public Service Commission, Reducing Overhead and Cutting Regulatory Red Tape


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