Fedorchak Announces Grassroots Coalition of Farmers and Ranchers

May 5, 2024

BISMARCK – Julie Fedorchak today announced a coalition of farmers and ranchers from across North Dakota supporting her campaign for Congress.

“At the very core of North Dakota, our farmers and ranchers stand as the bedrock of our economy and the stewards of our land. Their tireless dedication feeds and fuels our nation and sustains our way of life,” Fedorchak said. “I am honored and humbled to receive such broad support from our agriculture community. I will champion the interests of North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers, ensuring that their voices and concerns are heard loud and clear in Congress.”

This endorsement from North Dakota’s farmers and ranchers underscores Fedorchak’s dedication to national policies that support strong and stable domestic food production.  These policies include effective risk management tools like crop insurance, critical agriculture support programs, and fair trade and marketing opportunities. Fedorchak has pledged to work with North Dakota farmers and ranchers on the reauthorization of a new Farm Bill and will seek a position on the House Agriculture Committee.

The coalition is chaired by Jacob Odermann from Belfield and Sarah Lovas from Hillsboro.

Coalition members include:

Sarah Lovas
Jacob Odermann
AJ Odermann
Chuck Steffan
Annette Steffan
Sen. Greg Kessel
Stacey Kessel
Jim Arthuad
Lynn Arthuad
Tellan Steffan
Kayla Steffan
Chance Schneider
Tom Scheff
Jadon Messer
Megan Messer
Jerome Messer
Deb Messer
Greg Messer
Dori Messer
Marc Messer
Carol Messer
Erik Klein
Hope Klein
Neal Messer
Bonnie Messer
Marty Liesener
Vicki Liesener
Frank Laufer
Mark DeMars
Scott Johnson
Scott Ouradnik
Mark DeMars
Brad Thykeson
Sen. Robert Erbele
Kevin Skunes
Nathan Brenna
Howdy Lawler
Grant Kessel
Jade Kessel
Garret Kessel
Sen. Terry Wanzek
Gov. Jack Dalrymple
Mike Appert
Linda Appert
Dave Hoffman
Chris Hoffman
Lance Doll
Nick Pyle
Sen. Mark Weber
Erika Kenner
Sen. Janne Myrdal
Paul Myrdal
Naomi Myrdal
Gerry Melvin
Abigail Ogdahl
Billy Ogdahl
Eric & Lisa Longnecker
Merle & Sandy Longnecker
Stan Stein

A fourth-generation North Dakotan, Fedorchak has deep roots in the state. The youngest of eight kids, she was born in Williston, raised in Fargo, graduated from high school in Bismarck, and completed college at UND in Grand Forks. During Julie’s time on the Public Service Commission, she has lowered utility rates, fought back against the Obama and Biden Administration’s attacks on coal, and cut red tape at the commission supporting North Dakota energy production. Julie is ready to bring Fresh Energy to Washington and work with President Trump to secure our southern border, support our agriculture industry, and make America energy independent again. She and her husband Mike have been married for 25 years, have three children, and live in Mandan.

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